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COVID-19 Latest News (04/05/2021): We are now back to meeting face-to-face at the HQ. We are meeting under current guidelines and rules from Government and from the Scout Association which means we are carefully maintaining social distancing as much as possible and that most meetings will be outdoors for now where we can. The rules may well change again on May 17th when the next guidance is due and when the effects of those are known we will update the information here.

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We are based in the Andover District in North Hampshire. Our Group meet at the Scout Hut on West Portway in Andover (see contact for more details).

Our group consists of Beaver, Cub & Scout sections and in addition, one of the District Explorer units also meets at our hut as well as a Networks section.

We have a great hut with lots of facilities, a large car park and a wonderfully large outside space that is fully and safely enclosed, allowing us to hold camps and many events within our own grounds.

The aim of the Scout Association is to promote the development of young people and help them achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individual, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

This website is continuously being added to so please browse it regularly to find new information on the 12th Andover (West) Scout Group.

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12th Andover (West) Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We were unable to hold our AGM in 2020 due to the pandemic and were given special permission not to hold one last year. This year we have to hold one in some form and clearly we cannot do so face-to-face as we normally do so it is going to be held on Zoom. This coming Saturday (May 8th) at 18:30, we will hold our AGM online and it will be the usual mix of updates from the sections, a financial update, an update on the group from the GSL and awards for all sections. It is likely to last for about 40 minutes at the most and we would love as many of you to attend as possible so we can update you on the group. You should already have been sent an invitation along with the Zoom link in an email from one of your section leaders but if not and you wish to attend then please contact them and ask for the link. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday. Thank... read more

Awards for our Leaders

I am sure you are all aware of what a great job ALL of our leaders do week after week and especially how amazing they have been during the long months of lockdown. Well I am very pleased to announce that all of them have received awards over the past few months and now that we are back meeting at the HQ after so long, I was able to award some of them properly. Chief Scout’s 5 Year Service Award: Paul Webster (Shere Khan), Mel Hawkes (Baloo), Charlie Birmingham (Rowan) Commissioners Commendation (for exceptional work in difficult circumstances): Charlie Birmingham, Kirsty Purser (Meadow), Ben Paulley (Chil), Paul Webster, Mel Hawkes, Stuart Baston (Skip), Kieran Steers and Rob Steers (Rama) Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service (only awarded after 5 years service and for going ‘above and beyond’): Charlie Birmingham who also helps the whole District with other Beaver sections and issues and organises District events. Award For Merit (awarded only after at least 12 years service and for exceptional service and regularly going the extra mile): Stuart Baston and Rob Steers who continually do so much more than their leadership roles helping regularly at District level and who have both done so much to make meeting in person at our HQ a possibility. All these awards are very well deserved and I hope you can see what an exceptional group of people you all have leading your young people. Charlie Birmingham (Rowan)Stuart Baston (Skip)Rob Steers (Rama) Well done to all of you, Seán Boxall (Group Scout... read more

Return Dates after Easter

We are pleased to say that we will be able to return to meetings at the HQ after the Easter break. Full details of times and Bubbles plus arrival and pickup times are available from your section leaders but here are the high level details: Beavers – Tuesday April 20th or April 27th (please see parent letters recently sent) and then May 4th for everyone Cubs – Thursday April 22nd Scouts – Monday April 19th We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at the HQ once... read more

Maddie Raises £1100 for Charity

Congratulations to one of our Scouts, Maddie Day who has done an amazing thing by walking a grand total of 326,876 steps during March for her ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ challenge (many more than the 310,000 required) and at the same time she has managed to raise £1,100 for the charity. What a wonderful achievement this is and what a great thing to have done during lockdown. We are told that the achievement was made all the more challenging when Maddie managed to get concussion at school playing netball and was off school for 2 days during March! WELL DONE MADDIE – we are really proud of you – a terrific and worthwhile thing to have done.... read more

Beavers & Cubs in Global Issues Camp over Half term

GLOBAL ISSUES CAMP  The Beavers and the Cubs held a joint camp this weekend.  As well as setting up their own camp and sleeping in it overnight they also had a large range of activities to get involved in. They enjoyed going on hikes, cooking, baking, cycling, playing games, helping at home and much more.  Everyone was very busy and had lots of fun.  During the weekend they had three visitors on Zoom, these were: –  Life in the Rainforest  The Beavers and Cubs were able to meet with Paul Carpenter on Zoom.  Paul has travelled to rainforests all over the world searching for tarantula spiders, he even has one that he discovered named after him.  The purpose of his trips is to study, photograph and film the insects, spiders and interesting fauna.  His photos and videos gave everyone a fantastic insight into life in the rainforest.  He then went on to show everyone a selection of the creatures that he breeds in captivity that can be found in the rainforest.  Giant MillipedeLeaf insect Greenpeace  Lea Weimann from Greenpeace joined us on Zoom.  Everyone learnt about Greenpeace and the work that they do.  They also found out all about plastic pollution particularly within our oceans and discussed ways in which they might be able to help with this.  Zoo2U  The Beavers and Cubs were joined by Stacey from Zoo2U and during the meeting they got to see a selection of endangered animals.  Zoo2U are keen to raise awareness of endangered species and they certainly did a great job teaching everyone about all the animals that they had on show. ... read more

12th Andover at the Winter Camp

Winter Camp Certificate It was clear that many of you had a great time taking part in so many activities at the recent Winter Camp. We really enjoyed seeing the Facebook posts from all our sections and you really got into the spirit of it, young people and parents. Lots of you also uploaded your work onto the Winter Camp website and I am pleased to tell you that the 12th finished in the top 200 groups countrywide – really well done everyone. Here are a few lines from an email we received from the camp organisers: “We were humbled by how well received the challenges were and by the huge volume of submissions, it was amazing! We have now been able to score all the entries that we received, there were literally thousands, and we are pleased to announce that: 12th Andover (West) scouts – Finished in the Top 200 of 686 teams.... read more