Akela (Liz) steps down

After 5 years as Akela with the 12th Cubs we are sad to say that Liz Morsman has stepped down from her leadership role. Liz is a nurse in Basingstoke and has found it increasingly difficult to be at the 12th every week though she has done an incredible job in being there so often and has constantly amazed all of us with her dedication whilst in the midst of such a busy and demanding career.

We are all very grateful to Liz for all she has given to the group over those years; she has been wonderful. On the bright side, Liz will not be completely severing ties with us and when she can, will be around to help with planning sessions and maybe even the odd section evening if her schedule permits. I know that you would all want to wish her all the best in the future and thank her for all she has done.

Happily, we are very lucky to have 4 great Cub leaders in Paul, Mel, Ben and Ruth so even without Liz things will continue to be just as fun in Cubs as it has ever been.


Goodbye Liz

Goodbye Liz