Both our Beavers and our Cubs held their own Antarctic camps this weekend. The Beavers held theirs at the 12th HQ, taking part in lots of snowy based games and activities including building their very own igloo from a large number of empty plastic milk bottles (thank you Ben) and a visit from Ollie from HSX (Hampshire Scout Expeditions) who is in training for a trip to the South Pole in November when he and another ex-Scout (from Andover) will attempt to walk without support, to the pole and back over 3 months. It’s amazing where scouting can lead you. Thank you to Charlie (Rowan) for all your hard work and organisation and to our wonderful helpers, Ben, Kirsty, Sarah, Kathy and Angie as well as Ann.

Meanwhile the Cubs hiked to the 2nd Andover HQ in East Cholderton (from Amport) for their version of the camp, creating an fantastic scene with tents, snow and even a ‘camp fire’. They also took part in lots of winter themed events, built another milk bottle igloo and had a visit from Ollie who again explained all about his upcoming adventure. Maybe one day someone from our sections might be inspired to take part in an adventure like that too. Ollie was off to Norway at 6am the next day for more training so we are very grateful to him for his visit. Thank you to Liz (Hathi), Mel (Baloo), Paul (Shere Khan), Stuart (Skip) and of course Ollie.

P.S. Paul and Ben do not want to see another milk bottle for a very long time – thank you.

Hope you like the photos below (more to follow later):

Beavers - listening intently

Beavers – listening intently

Beavers - playing games

Beavers – playing games

Beavers - listening to Ollie

Beavers – listening to Ollie

Cubs - dinner

Cubs – dinner

Cubs - Antarctic Camp

Cubs – Antarctic Camp

Cubs - Antarctic camp at night

Cubs – Antarctic camp at night

Cubs - listening to Ollie

Cubs – listening to Ollie

Cubs - Listening to Ollie around the 'camp fire'

Cubs – Listening to Ollie around the ‘camp fire’