Beavers win Chief Scout Awards

Beavers win Chief Scout Awards

The most difficult badge to win in each of our sections is the Chief Scout Award. It takes a lot of hard work and effort over a long period to do all the tasks that are required to eventually achieve the badge and anyone who does this can be very proud of themselves for what they have done.

In normal circumstances all badge winners get to attend a ceremony where our District Commissioner, Julian Slade would hand out the awards and each winner would go up on the stage to receive it and get a loud round of applause from everyone present to show the winners how proud we are as a group.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you know, circumstances are NOT normal and so the awards were posted to the winners this time. I know that this is not what we would have wanted but it doesn’t lessen the terrific achievement for each of our winners and we are still very proud of you all.

The winners in our Beaver section this time were: Benedict Nock, Andrew Witcher, Freya Parnham, Arlo Garland, Billy Wisniewski, Jacob Whincup and Hamish Manson.

Very well done to you all.