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Trey Koko’s walk

One of our Beavers (Trey) has walked his 1 mile recently (if you are part of the Beaver Facebook group you can see his video on there) and he did this in his garden for 20 minutes. Well done Trey we are proud of you. In addition Trey’s family and friends sponsored him and he raised a total of £50 which is terrific. Amazing work.

Jacob Whincup on camp

Hello all, it’s Bagheera (Seán) here and it has been great to hear from the leaders all about how many of you are carrying on doing Scouty stuff at home during the lockdown (exactly what I would expect of the 12th who, as we all know are the best).

Jacob has been really busy over the past few weeks and he and his Mum have sent us some great pictures and news of what he has been up to. Here is what Jacob has told me in his own words (sort of):

“I’ve been busy doing lots of outdoor activities.  Last weekend I went camping in the garden. I took mum and dad with me! First Dad and I pitched the tent – I did most of the work but Daddy helped me with the tricky bits. Then we set up the fire pit and I made the beds for everyone. 

Next I cooked dinner over the fire. It was my first time cooking on a fire.  Sausages and beans was on the menu. It was yummy and I even did the dishes Beaver style. It was great hanging around the fire and I kept it going for hours before bed. I got a bit cold in the night so I hopped in the middle and Dad slept on my little bed. I slept like a baby after that.

I went for a walk through our woods on my daily exercise yesterday and picked up some bits like moss and leaves and then I used them to make some pictures. My favourite is my rugby pitch. I’ve also made a bug box and made signs for our hedgehogs which live in our garden. My Easter holiday has been great so far!!! 

I’ve attached some photos for you. Hope you are having as much fun as me!

Camp At Home

Whilst we are all getting used to being in lockdown and so cannot physically be together, we can still be together virtually and so the Northumberland Scout Area are leading the Camp At Home initiative.

You can find full details of this by clicking on the link at the end of this article but the general idea is that this coming Saturday any of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can camp out in the garden or build a den indoors to sleep in or anything else they would like to do to join in and then let the leaders of the section know that they are going to join in and what they are doing. There will also be a world record camping attempt (largest ever mass Scout Camp) on April 30th so you can camp out again then too if you are able).

Our Cub section are organising this already and parents should already have seen an email with details (contact a Cub leader if you have not seen this yet). Other sections may also do this and if so this article will be updated.

Otherwise you can just take part anyway (parents can camp out too – go on have a go). If you do this then let your leaders know so we are aware of everyone taking part.

Click the link below for full details:

Full Camp At Home Details on the link above

Fun stuff to do whilst we are temporarily closed

Over the coming weeks our young people are going to have plenty of spare time on their hands. Our leaders should be contacting you all to give your youngsters the opportunity to still get involved if they wish to do so and at the same time the wider Scouting Team have come up with a site that contains lots of terrific ideas for activities that anyone can have a go at.

You can find out about all of these ideas by clicking HERE

Go on Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, have a go.

Information Regarding the Coronavirus

Updated March 16th (All meetings cancelled until further notice for 12th Andover as well as the 3rd and the Explorers who also meet at the hut)

We are sure that you are all aware of the current situation regarding the Coronavirus and in order to keep you up to date with how that is impacting the 12th and 3rd Andover Scout Groups as well as the Explorer group who meet at our hut we will be keeping this item updated. Please visit this site for the latest news or contact your section leaders.

We are following the latest advice given on both the Government and NHS coronavirus sites. You can find links to these sites below and on the ‘Links’ section of this website. The UK risk level is currently at ‘high’.

After the government briefing on March 16th we have been instructed by the national Scouting Association that with immediate effect we must stop all face-to-face activities UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

This is a very regrettable situation but one that we all expected. We cannot say currently when we will start meetings again but we will inform you when then eventually happens. We expect this to last at least 12 weeks.

Regarding paying monthly subscriptions we realise that your young people will not be attending and so if you wish to stop payments for the time being then that is understandable. However, if there is any way at all that you are in a position to be able to continue your payments even though we are not meeting then we would be extremely grateful as we still have many bills to pay and things are going to get a little difficult. It is however entirely your choice.

Government advice on the coronavirus:

NHS advice: