Recently the Beavers held a successful and exciting camp at the HQ starting on the Saturday morning and ending the next morning. It was a great event with many Beavers attending and none of them going home early which is pretty unusual for a first camp. We’d not been able to hold a camp since before the pandemic which made this one all the more special. You can see pictures and read details of the camp on the Beaver’s Facebook page. Well done to everyone who helped organise and run the camp and well done to all the Beavers who now have the first ‘Nights Away’ badge.

Sadly however, the ending of this camp meant that we also said “good bye” to two stalwart leaders who have been part of the 12th for some time but who are leaving us for various reasons.

Abi has been right through the 12th as a young person progressing to helping regularly at Beavers as an assistant and has done a wonderful job in helping Rowan and Meadow for so long. Bagheera presented her with a card from all the Beavers, some chocolates and a voucher. Abi is off to work for the BBC in London on an apprenticeship and we wish her well.

Meadow (Kirsty) has also decided to step down after over 5 years as an assistant and we are also going to miss her as she has been such a great help to Rowan in that time. Bagheera presented her with a card from the Beavers, a plant and another voucher.

It’s always sad when leaders have to step down but everyone at the 12th is a volunteer and this happens to all of us eventually. We will greatly miss Kirsty and Abi; we thank them both for so many years of their time and we wish them all the best in whatever they do next.

Bagheera says goodbye to Abi
Bagheera says goodbye to Abi