What did the Cubs do during lockdown ?

What did the Cubs do during lockdown ?

‘The Great Indoors’ = 120!

With face to face scouting abruptly ending in mid-March, the Cubs got busy with their latest adventure, ‘The Great indoors’. With lockdown firmly in place between March and May the program was altered to a series of weekly themed ‘remote’ activities including a St. George’s Day celebration, Birds of the World Challenge, sharing hobbies & Interests and Disability Awareness. Each week focussed on various tasks linked to a series of badge criteria. With the support of their wonderful parents, the Cubs busied themselves producing beautiful art work, wonderful bird feeders, nesting boxes, learnt basic sign language and shared their various hobbies and collections.

The Cubs have also participated in national events such as ‘Clap for Carers’, VE day celebrations, contributed to #careforcarehomes, the ‘Hike to the Moon’ challenge and helped break a world record for ‘home’ camping alongside the rest of the group.

As lockdown was systematically eased in June and July the Cubs have continued to show great resilience and enthusiasm by completing activities linked to ‘digital maker’ and the science badges via virtual Zoom meetings. Zoom enabled the Cubs to engage in ‘live’ events, providing a chance to reconnect with friends and return to some aspect of ‘normality’ through these exceptional times. The Cubs completed their roadside safety badge and took part in a rainbow themed scavenger hunt to promote scouting inclusivity.

In total the Cubs have earned over 120 uniform badges during the lockdown period, a testament to their commitment, determination and perseverance during those testing times.

As leaders we are incredibly proud of our Cubs where they have all drawn on the fundamental scouting values of integrity, respect, care and belief.

Well Done Cubs.