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District Beavers 35th Birthday Bash

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Beavers launching in the UK and so to celebrate this special milestone the Beavers from Andover all got together as a district to have a party.  Over 70 Beavers from the 1st, 4th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 14th 22nd and 23rd groups all attended, and everyone had a fantastic time.   

The party started with everyone enjoying a picnic together.  When everyone had finished eating it was time for the entertainment.  It was easy to tell from all the smiling faces and laughing that the magician show by Silly Scott was a huge success.  When the show had finished, everyone had the opportunity take part in a range of activities, including making a party hat and decorating a cake.  As the party came to an end everyone enjoyed eating their cake, which is of course the perfect way to end a party.  

Happy 35th birthday Beavers. 

Richard (Badger) achieves his Wood Beads

We are delighted to announce that Richard has been awarded his Wood Beads. When a leader starts in Scouting there is a lot of training to complete covering a wide range of things from understanding what leadership in scouting means to understanding how to ensure everyone is properly safeguarded to understanding first-aid and much more. It takes quite some time and effort to complete this training which is done online and at face-to-face courses and Richard has now completed this which is a great effort.

On Monday evening, Richard was awarded his beads (which you can see he is wearing around his neck in the photo below) and a certificate by our District Commissioner Julian Slade (who is also wearing his beads).

Congratulations Richard and well done from all of us at the 12th.

Richard being awarded his beads by Julian

Welcome Back to Scouting

All sections will soon be returning to scouting at the 12th and we are looking forward to seeing all our young people again. You should know the return date for your sections but please ask your leaders if you are not sure. The Scout Association have declared that we are now at the GREEN phase so we are as close to ‘normal’ as we have been since the pandemic started.

Of course we remain cautious and there will be lots of hand washing and sanitising, outdoor events, some mask wearing for leaders etc. We are also asking all parents not to come into the HQ when dropping off or picking up but to wait on the grass at the front of the building or in the car park.

Happy Scouting everyone.

Awards for our Leaders

I am sure you are all aware of what a great job ALL of our leaders do week after week and especially how amazing they have been during the long months of lockdown. Well I am very pleased to announce that all of them have received awards over the past few months and now that we are back meeting at the HQ after so long, I was able to award some of them properly.

Chief Scout’s 5 Year Service Award: Paul Webster (Shere Khan), Mel Hawkes (Baloo), Charlie Birmingham (Rowan)

Commissioners Commendation (for exceptional work in difficult circumstances): Charlie Birmingham, Kirsty Purser (Meadow), Ben Paulley (Chil), Paul Webster, Mel Hawkes, Stuart Baston (Skip), Kieran Steers and Rob Steers (Rama)

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service (only awarded after 5 years service and for going ‘above and beyond’): Charlie Birmingham who also helps the whole District with other Beaver sections and issues and organises District events.

Award For Merit (awarded only after at least 12 years service and for exceptional service and regularly going the extra mile): Stuart Baston and Rob Steers who continually do so much more than their leadership roles helping regularly at District level and who have both done so much to make meeting in person at our HQ a possibility.

All these awards are very well deserved and I hope you can see what an exceptional group of people you all have leading your young people.

Well done to all of you,

Seán Boxall (Group Scout Leader).

Maddie Raises £1100 for Charity

Congratulations to one of our Scouts, Maddie Day who has done an amazing thing by walking a grand total of 326,876 steps during March for her ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ challenge (many more than the 310,000 required) and at the same time she has managed to raise £1,100 for the charity. What a wonderful achievement this is and what a great thing to have done during lockdown.

We are told that the achievement was made all the more challenging when Maddie managed to get concussion at school playing netball and was off school for 2 days during March!

WELL DONE MADDIE – we are really proud of you – a terrific and worthwhile thing to have done.


Hedgehogs and Zoom !

The Beavers invited the Cubs to join their Zoom meeting recently week and were joined by Dave Hudson from ‘Prickles and Paws’ hedgehog rescue centre in Newquay.  He gave everyone a tour of the rescue centre which was very impressive.  They got to see the incubators containing hoglets and the building where the bigger hedgehogs and the maternity unit were housed.  The tour then moved on to the outside space where a fenced off area was home to the hedgehogs before being released back into the wild.  As well as hedgehog houses, feeding stations and hedgehog highways, they all got to see the hydrotherapy pool used to assist the hedgehogs in recovering from any injuries they might have.

Everyone learnt a lot, including how hedgehog numbers are declining and the importance of making our gardens hedgehog friendly.  He encouraged everyone to get involved with this by making hedgehog houses, highways and by creating feeding stations.  He encouraged the Beavers and Cubs to send the rescue centre any photos of anything they do to create a great environment for a hedgehog.

If you click on this link you can go directly to the ‘Prickles and Paws’ website.  Please do visit, it has all the contact information, along with information on how to attract hedgehogs to your garden.  There are also some adorable hedgehog photos.

As a charity they are reliant on public support to be able to keep their rescue centre open.  If you would like to donate to ‘Prickles and Paws’ you can do so via their website. Please contact one of our Beaver or Cubs leaders for more information on this.

A very big thank you to Dave Hudson for giving us all such an interesting evening and for showing us around ‘Prickles and Paws’ rescue centre.