On Saturday 20th November the Beavers held their Autumn (day) pirate camp.  The day was very busy and lots of badge work was completed.  The Beavers got to design and build their own boat and then got to test them to see if they would float.  They also took part in a litter pick near the hut, they were all great at spotting rubbish and managed to collect lots. 

They worked on the new money badge and as well as learning lots about money they were able to design their own coin or notes and got to take part in a treasure hunt.  They were all given a chocolate coin at the start of the day and understood that if they still had it at the end of the day then they would earn interest.  Every Beaver still had their coin at the end and so were rewarded with an extra chocolate coin. 

As always on camp, lunch and dinner are a very sociable time for the Beavers.  They enjoyed chatting with friends while eating their packed lunches.  There was a special treat for dinner, a delivery from Dominos.  The pizza was enjoyed by all, followed by an ice lolly.  The Beavers did not seem as excited about having to do the washing up but what a great job they all did working in teams.