It has been a very busy week at 12th HQ and as you will see from the photos below we have had all sorts of improvements made to the grounds. We are lucky enough to have a member of our Exec committee (James) with connections in the building industry and he spoke with the company Natta who VERY generously agreed to do all the work we required for free (apart from the materials). They gave us 4 people for 4 days, all the equipment and labour and all of their expertise and we cannot thank them enough for what they have done.

So, now we have a new concrete path running from the end of the car park to the front door ramp which will greatly help access for those with mobility issues and means no more attempting to negotiate the gravel.

We also have a fantastic, large concrete base next to the wood store on which we are going to build and entertainment area including a pizza oven (yes, you heard that right), a BBQ and prep and serving areas – roll on the summer ! This will all be properly lit (the pipes you can see in the photos are there for the cables) and in the summer we will have a grand opening celebration – look out for more info on that shortly.

We also have a new large circular fire base which will be easier to control and keep clean than the old area which was often full of old nails and metal bits and difficult to keep totally safe. Alongside this there are now 5 smaller square fire pads for groups to create small fires on for section evening events.

Finally we have improved the area at the side of the hut where the containers sit to make that area safer.

I hope you will agree that all of this looks fabulous and once more we want to say a huge “Thank You” to Natta and their team for great work and for their kindness in doing this for us and to James for organising it.