12th Andover (West) Scout Hut Refurbishment Weekends

Your help is needed

Hello everyone.

Our hut is now well over 25 years old and so last August we refurbished the outside of the far end wall by coating it in a number waterproofing paint layers though you probably have not noticed this because you can only see it if you walk to the far end of the hut. We did just that wall to test whether the coating was appropriate without spending too much money to start with and it has now been in place for 10 months looking as good as new so we are happy that it is exactly what we need.

Now we would like to continue with the job of coating the rest of the hut walls but we need your help.

The 3 coatings on each wall have to be applied in stages to allow them each to dry and so we have allocated 2 weekends in June for us to try and complete at least the long wall facing the green containers and if time permits, the end wall facing the car park.

The first weekend that we need your help will be on Saturday June 9th to Sunday June 10th.

The second weekend will be the following one of Saturday June 16th and Sunday 17th.


We will start at 8am on each day and will be there as long as needed.


There will be lots of tasks to complete including: stripping off the old wooden skirting, preparing and repairing the old surfaces where needed, applying the 3 coats of paint and putting on new skirting. Most of this just requires you to be there in a set of old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy (and they will get messy). Everything else will be provided including snacks and drinks though please bring lunch if you need it.


The more people that turn up, the quicker we can get this done so even if you are only able to make 1 hour on any of those days, your help will be welcome and is needed.


I would appreciate having some sort of idea as to what help we may get so if you are able to turn up for any length of time, please respond to this email giving me an idea of when you think you can attend (I won’t hold you to it) and I can then plan how much we will be able to do.


This will be weather dependant (paint and rain don’t mix well) and so I will keep you informed on that nearer the time in case we have to postpone this and change the dates.


Thank you,


Seán Boxall (Group Scout Leader)