Introducing Our Leaders

Beaver Scout Team

Charlie Birmingham (Rowan) Beaver Leader
Charlie Birmingham (Rowan)

Charlie is our Beaver Scout leader. She has been part of the team for a number of years now and spends a lot of her free time outside with her animals, walking and gardening.  She also enjoys photography and making jam when time allows.

Seán Boxall - Group Scout Leader

Seán Boxall (Bagheera and GSL)

Seán is GSL (Group Scout Leader), Chairman, maintenance man, cleaner and grounds man and loves every minute of it (apart from cleaning the toilets)

Chris Ayres (Fox)

Chris is one of our Beaver leaders having recently gone into uniform. Not only that but he is also an expert welder and has repaired our front gates  – a very handy man to have around.

Cub Scout Team

Paul Webster (Shere Khan)

Paul is one of our Cub Section assistant leaders and can often be seen in shorts and trainers – Action Man we call him.

Mel Hawkes (Baloo)

Mel is one of our Cub Section assistants and came back to the 12th earlier this year after a short break – she couldn’t resist the call of the ‘best’

Ben Paulley (Chil)

Ben is a man of many talents being part of the Beaver colony for a couple of years and is now a Cub leader. He is a face known to both sections which is a wonderful help as Beavers transition across to Cubs.

Ruth Miller
Ruth Miller (Raksha)

Ruth is originally from New Zealand and has been a leader in other Scout groups in the UK so has plenty of experience. It’s always exciting to see what colour her hair is from week to week.

Scout Team

Stuart Baston (Skip)
Stuart Baston (Skip)

Stuart leads Scouts and has occasionally been known to shout.

Rob Steers
Rob Steers (Rama)

Rob has been with the 12th for many years and although he has recently celebrated his 50th birthday you’d never guess from his photo would you !

Dan Clubley (Kichi)

Dan joined us recently but has been in and around scouting for many years gaining a lot of experience and we are lucky to have him in the 12th.

Richard Paxford (Badger)

Richard joined us in September 2018 and has just been invested. It’s great to have him with us in Scouts.

Richard Paxford (Badger)